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Protein controls both alcohol craving and organ damage

( University of Iowa Health Care ) A University of Iowa study in mice shows that disrupting one protein can simultaneously curb alcohol cravings and protect the heart and liver from alcohol-induced damage. The findings suggest that the RGS6 protein may be a useful drug target both for treating alcoholism and reducing the organ damage caused by chronic alcohol consumption.
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Alcohol screening and intervention for risky drinking: A guide for physicians

( Canadian Medical Association Journal ) A new review in the Canadian Medical Association Journal provides tips for physicians to help patients cut down on excessive alcohol use and is aimed at health care providers who are not addiction specialists. The article is based on current evidence, including recent Canadian guidelines.
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Alcohol Intake Peaks at Age 25, But Continues into Old Age

Men generally drink more alcohol than women, but the genders go through similar changes in their drinking habits over their lifetimes, a new study on people in the United Kingdom finds. Both men and women in the study reported a sharp uptick in alcohol intake during adolescence that peaked in early adulthood, plateaued in midlife and then declined into older age. But the researchers also found …
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Mother’s grief at damaging son’s brain with pregnancy drinking

Sam, who features in ITV documentary Exposure: When Pregnant Women Drink, admits she had an addiction to alcohol that made it hard for her to give it up when she was pregnant with Stanley.
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Addiction centre counsellor exploits patient

A counsellor at an addiction recovery facility took advantage of a man seeking treatment, a health watchdog has found.
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