Alice Cooper interview 2009

Alice Cooper Australian interview 2009 He talks about his alcoholism and Golf as well as The Theatre Of Death

Bukowski: Born Into This is the first comprehensive documentary of Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) and while longtime fans will find confirmation of the Bukowski they’d always imagined, there are plenty of surprises in store. The film traces his extraordinary life, from an abusive childhood through decades of poverty and alcoholism; numerous menial jobs and turbulent relationships; through 14 years as a postal employee; and his eventual international celebrity as a poet, novelist and underground cult icon. In his lifetime, Bukowski became most widely known as the screenwriter and real-life model for Barfly, the feature film based on his early life.



  1. PeaveyESP says:

    He’d be the best grandad ever.

  2. buldic says:

    Alice is brilliant!

  3. BigNuthin says:

    @vincentcrow …..It’s about time

  4. BigNuthin says:

    @plasterofparisify …and you’re a worthless piece of human debris

  5. HogRebel says:

    @1219548tom Have you read his book “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster”? Highly recommend it, if you haven’t. He goes into a lot of detail about it in the book and what changed his life and stopped his drinking. : ) Check it out!

  6. vincentcrow says:

    God broke the mold when He made Alice Cooper. Alice is finally going to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

  7. RosesOnWhiteLace16 says:

    Thats cool…and thats why you watch his interviews, right?

  8. plasterofparisify says:

    Alice Cooper is a washed up conservative moron who plays golf.

  9. Athena1104 says:

    Nice interview. He appears as a very lovely person. Modest,mild,logical,friendly and with a strength of character.

  10. teJimbojim93 says:


  11. LilRedDevil02 says:

    I wish there were more interviews of Alice Cooper on youtube! I watched EVERY single one at least twice! :'(

  12. 1219548tom says:

    wow… i can relate to cooper. i’m so glad i seen this. sober 28 years.

  13. katiamikriukova says:

    What a nice person he is, so natural and modest..Real mr. Nice Guy!! :-)

  14. scottmcbulldog says:

    the guy even says NEW ZEALAND we r not australia

  15. equoressil says:

    l♥ve this guy !

  16. FreddyKsbride says:

    I love Alice Cooper

  17. FreddyKsbride says:

    @666EvilSIN dude what the fuck

  18. Pala16123z0r says:

    This is the host who spoke badly about Sheila Dikshit! xD

  19. ThelcecreamMan says:

    @RedUncle ‘just’ on earth? dude, if there is alien-lifeforms outside, I’m sure they are freakin’ jaleous of Mr. Cooper! that their spieces hasn’t got such a individual

  20. abatage says:

    yeah… new zealand is not Australia

  21. Likuh23 says:

    The interviewer is good, he seems to know about what he speaks but he should’ve let Alice finish his sentences. He wanted to talk a little more :p

  22. spongebobfan107 says:

    I love his expression at 2:27 :D

  23. ClassicRockfan79 says:

    what ghost? im looking but i dont see shit in the top left.

  24. XuliusCaesar says:

    some people would think that vincent furnier being a different person than alice cooper would take away from his image. I personally see it as more of a jekyll and hyde thing, which makes the whole asylum theme and “steven” all the more creepy.

  25. SnOrKaLBoY1996 says:

    this is a new zealand interview

  26. rizla1951 says:

    Thank you for uploading this.

  27. glimglim1 says:

    @mussman717word Didn’t Les Claypool already call one of his myriad side projects by that name?

  28. mussman717word says:

    Purple Onion would make a great band name, lol!

  29. mussman717word says:

    Sean Penn is pretty cool, and hey, they all dig Bukowski, whereas few people even know who he is, so they can’t be that fucking bad, can they?

  30. ManuBruynseraede says:

    @BigDrunkenFool: Thx for watching anyway. I quit drinking & being a fool because I got sick. But I still like and translate Hank. People who think to appreciate his work you need to booze yourself to early Alzheimer are wrong.

  31. bigdrunkenfool says:

    @ManuBruynseraede – ‘beautifully human’ is not a phrase I’d use talking about that idiot Bono. Sean Penn?! Gimmie a break. Jesusfuckinghcrist.

  32. BigOldMrKnish says:

    i was at the library today and actually saw bukowski’s “post office” on the shelves. i read the fucking thing in one sitting and laughed out loud so many times that the girl next to me must have thought i was some kind of a psychotic. i think i’ll go back tomorrow and steal the fucking thing… would bukowski approve? would it matter? balls…

  33. hannahskm says:

    purple onion… lol!

  34. ThePulpybeat says:

    life… drink the essense

  35. jcmangan says:

    “Drink, fuck and write.”
    Good advice for the adolescent of today. :-)

  36. billdog420247 says:

    He was bullshitting, you dont throw Michelob at someone, its too tasty.

  37. crim3wavve says:

    This is beautiful. Every single moment of it.

  38. ManuBruynseraede says:

    The best documentary on contemporary literature ever. All the people in this film are so beautifully human: Linda Lee, Marina, John Martin, Sean Penn, Steve Richmond, Mickey Rourke, Joyce Fante, FrancEye, Harry Dean Stanton, Linda King, Tom Waits, Bono … thank you so much. Hank did it. Hank made it. Hank rocked. All you people support the Charles Bukowski Memorial Foundation. This is huge.

  39. VasilisBotoulas says:


  40. TylerKnight71 says:

    Thank you!

  41. ranXerox09 says:

    what do you want MUTHER FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMFAO

  42. tseng61 says:

    Best damn documentary on anything.

  43. PhilosophyLeckie3 says:

    Thanks for uploading this. Cheer’s from a drunken man.

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